Monday, December 5, 2011

Babri Masjid Anniversay

People of India should condemn promoters of TV channels like NDTV who are celebrating today as Babri Masjid Demolition anniversary. Muslims of India in particular and people in general are trying to forget that black day, BJP and RSS are not making any fresh discussion on the issue but unfortunately a few channels and print media, may be agents of ruling party are always trying to use the black day as a tool to please their favorite leaders or to raise their own TRP.

I would like to add here that they are agents of Congress Party because such channels and newspapers have never tried to celebrate 31st October as Black Day when thousands of Sikhs were killed by followers of Congress Party and when entire police force remained as silent spectator not for one or two days but for a fortnight or two.

These TV channels and print media do not celebrate the day when one full coach of train at Godhra in Gujrat was burnt to ashes or the days when during the rule of Congress Party dangerous riot took place between two prominent communities of the country.
It is expected that TV channels celebrate days when some happy event took place and not sad days when hundreds of persons were killed due to some reason or the other.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who will be next Prime Minister

Unwarranted and illogical questions raised by media are unfortunately repeated by common men or readers of FB too. Latest unwarranted question by media is whether Advani will be candidate for the post of PM in next election. Just a few days ago they raised a question whether Anna will be BJP’s candidate for the post of President. And whether Rahul Gandhi will be next PM of the country?

I am unable to understand what is going to make difference if Advani or other leaders of BJP is named as PM until election is announced. If majority of elected MPs like Rahul Gandhi or Advani or any other person, who can stop him becoming PM.

Will Congress party declare who will their candidate for PM in next election? Will CPI or CPM or RJD or BSP or Shiv Sena or JDU also declare the name of their candidate for the post of PM. Media is sometimes telling story of difference of opinion between Modi and Advani or between Jaitley and Sushma. Sometimes media talk of differences between Pranab and Manmohan Singh.

They recall Gujrat riot time and again but do not like to debate Godhra incident of burning of train coach or Sikh riot of 1984 or several other more violent riots of Congress regime.

I do not like even BJP leaders talking of simplicity of Manmohan Singh or ridiculing him by telling as weak PM. I like media as also national parties should try to o focus attention on national issues of price rise, unemployment, corruption, terror attacks, naxal attacks and several other issues of mass concern and ascertain whether the current ruling party is performing well.

It is irrelevant to ask for who will be next PM .Question is whether Present PM can perform as per comfort of common men or do only for the welfare of rich class people and people of political and officer fraternity.

People talk of performance, development and good governance. But when Nitish or Narendra Modi like persons exhibit good results on all three parameters, media starts talking of secularism.

Any politician of any party who is honestly performing for common men should be respected and voted to power. If everyone is corrupt then we chose better and best among the available lot of candidates.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to remain in Power

Hanging of Afzal Guru or Kasab will boost militancy, I am not telling, Mr. Omar Abdullah CM of J&K is telling so.

Hanging of assassins of Rajiv Gandhi will boost militancy in Tamilnadu as told by a few Tamil Leaders in state assembly and as resolution passed by Tamilnadu assembly.
In such position and as per wishes of Omar Abdullah or that of Tamil leaders or that of Digvijay Singh who respect Osama Bin Laden, government of India should legally force Indians to worship these terrorist so that militancy may not be boosted up and peace may be restored.

Besides police and armed forces should be instructed to salute these terrorists so that possibility of terror attacks may be reduced. If possible these terrorists should have a quota in Indian Parliament and state assemblies like Jammu & Kashmir and Tamilnadu.

Government of India may save huge money which is unnecessarily spent on police and armed forces, on investigating agencies and in judicial process for trial and judgment.

Government by official order should send leaders like Mr. Ramdeo Baba, Mr. Anna Hazare and all their followers to Tihar Jail who are raising voices against corrupt leaders and at the same time call back and give special award should to corrupt leaders like Raja, Kalamadi, Maran who are presently in Tihal Jail.

Flattery award and for Bribery award should be given every month in every office at National level and also at state level , district level, block level and village level to boost up corruption, flattery and bribery.
Arts and science of these characteristics should be taught in schools and colleges. At least person like Kapil, Singhwi,Digvijay like persons can get good opportunities for prestigious award of flattery .

In our country there is a tradition of choosing persons for the post of President of India, State Governors, and PSU directors etc from among the team of flatterers and these should be legalized and made mandatory in all offices.

Although it is prevalent in all offices, those who do not respect flatterers should be severely punished legally. In our country there is a tradition of punishing honest officers and whistle blowers and Government has simply to make it mandatory.

This is the proper time for UPA government to pass above mentioned act because there is no fear of losing power.

As of now BJP has got no number adequate to oust the government. If at all there is possibility of BJP coming to power, Government should ban RSS and BJP by accusing them of being communal. They can manage favourable judgment from Indian court or postpone indefinitely so that there will be threat to their government.

Government should as usual keep left and right parties at draggers drawn to each other so that they may not unitedly fight them (UPA) out of power.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. Narendra Modi or Mr. Advani

RSS is totally mistaken and giving absolutely wrong advice to Mr. Advani to keep away from the race for the post of Prime Minister. Rather it was RSS and VHP leaders who caused great loss to BJP in last two general elections. Rhetoric on Ayodhya issue cannot win victory for BJP and neither for any national leader.

Mr. Modi is undoubtedly a good leader but the stature of Mr. Advani is far more above that of Mr. Modi. After Atal Vihari Vajpayee, it is only Mr. Advani who enjoys the greater respect and acceptance in the country and in National Democratic Alliance.

It is the ill conceived plan and mischievous strategy of leaders of Congress Party to tarnish the image of Mr. Advani as also Mr. Modi on the issue of secularism so that they may continue to enjoy power. RSS and VHP should desist from putting hurdles in the path of elevation destined for Mr. Advani.

It should be kept in mind that Mr. Advani was the man who catapulted BJP to power and it is again Advani who can shake the throne enjoyed by Congress Party leaders in alliance with regional partners. It is Advani who made his best efforts to keep NDA intact even after the defeat in last two elections.

Popularity of Mr. Modi is one thing and winnability of NDA is other .Therefore I once again say that Mr. Modi is undoubtedly a good leader but he is definitely not better than Mr. Advani, though Advani is very old compared to energetic Mr. Modi.

It is also true that if Mr. Modi is selected for the post of PM candidate in the forthcoming general election, Congress Party and UPA in general leave no stone unturned to malign the respect, honour, caliber and reputation gained by Mr. Modi during last ten years of his rule.

In such position Mr. Nitish will emerge as better candidate for the post of Prime Minister. As such any attempt by RSS and VHP to stop Advani from Rath Yatra or to keep conditions for proposed Rath Yatra by Mr. Advani or to suggest other leaders for suitable candidate for the post of Prime Minister will prove suicidal and disastrous for BJP as a whole.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rahul speaks through Digvijay Singh

Several members of Indian Muzahiddin and SIMI have been found involved in various terror attacks in the past. UPA Government led by Congress Party has never tried to ban such anti national organizations which are spreading hate messages against India and who are said to be indulged in hatching conspiracy of carrying out one after other terror attacks in India , giving terror training to their members and openly walking on their talks in favour of enemy country Pakistan. Congress Party on the other hand left no stone unturned to torture and trap Bab Ramdeo, Anna Hazare and their followers.

As usual, leaders of Congress Party ( Diggi Baba speaks the language of Congress Party because none of his colleagues dares says opposite to what Diggi Baba says) blame BJP or RSS for all mishaps or Congress Party talk of stern action against terrorists for a few days just after terror attack and make serious promises of putting into action effective mechanism to prevent recurrences of terror attacks. But in fact they do nothing and forget all promises made after terror incidents. Rather they always try to complicate the issue by dragging the name of RSS and BJP.

This time too, Digvijay Singh has tried to malign the name of Hindu outfits by indirectly pinpointing his accusing fingers towards RSS.

In this way Mr. Digvijay Singh, number one liar is not only supporting Pakistan oriented propagandas but also misleading investigating agencies and police officials and indirectly giving clean chit to members of Indian Mujahidin and SIMI against whom doubts have already been expressed by investigating agencies.

I am unable to understand why leaders of Congress Party do not treat the death of a person as death of an Indian. I condemn persons like Digvijay Singh who are habituated to carry out their divide and rule policy by discriminating the death of Indian on the basis of caste and community. Such mean minded leaders say, a dalit is killed or a Muslim is killed or a Sikh is killed or a Christian is killed instead of saying that an Indian is killed.

I think every true Indian should condemn such leaders who instead of treating an Indian as an Indian try to divide Indians on various grounds to serve their political interest.

Leaders of Congress Party should discard their policy of changing the issues and always diverting the minds of common men from prime points of concern to secondary irrelevant issues. They should rather focus on main problems which India is facing on the front of terrorism or naxalism.

I appeal Congress men, please for God sake do not give unwarranted statement and at least let investigating agencies do their duty honestly and sincerely to safeguard National interest. Who stops police men to arrest and punish Hindu or Muslim if he or she is found involved in any terror or naxal attacks? In fact those who are behind terror attacks are neither Hindu nor Muslims, they are neither Dalit nor forward, neither Sikh nor Christians, they are simply criminals and anti-national. In the eyes of law there is no discrimination but it is politicians who always discriminate criminals on the basis of caste or community while reacting on any terror attack.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Medha Patekar, Anna Hazare, Kapil sibal Manmohan Singh

I would like to ask you Ms Medha Patekar, renowned social worker following questions:

Why are you condemning Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat who has done a lot of development works and who is praised by not only by residents of Gujarat but by Indians at large?

Don’t you consider Gujarat riot of 2002 as spontaneous and unavoidable reaction to Godhra train burning case?

What you would have done after Godhra incident?

What did congress party do to stop killing of Sikhs after killing of Indira Gandhi?

Is there any CM in our country who is doing better than Nitish and Narendra?

Who is your ideal politician?

Which state is considered best performer in her view point?

What are those states which fit in the framework of development visualized by her?

It is easy to criticize or start agitation programme against the policy of any government but very difficult to perform being the head of a state or central government. It is not easy to take into confidence people of all class of society but Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar has got success in this respect to a great extent.

I know there are some hard core anti BJP people who are not ready to accept any good work done by BJP but bent upon tarnishing the image of BJP on so called secular philosophy. This is the reason that present ruling party at Delhi led by Congress Party got success in spreading the cancer of corruption in each corner of the country. At least you are a learned, experienced and popular leader and you should tell a spade a spade and not following the line of those greedy and corrupt politicians who are meant to do dirty politics for their self interest.

Number as also value of various scams has crossed all limits of tolerance. Hence people expressed their anger against the Manmohan Singh’s government under the leadership of Anna Hazare who is a non controversial and undisputed selfless leader.

Unfortunately person like you is trying to dilute the intensity of movement by dividing the force which unitedly stood against the government for not passing Lokpal Bill even after lapse of 40 years of such proposition needed by Indian citizen.

Are you not mixing the issue of corruption with that of secularism?

Corruption is an issue of common men whereas so called secularism is the issue of cleaver politicians who want to come to power by hook or by crook and become a money power in the country.

Why did you not raise voice against killers of Sikh during Sikh riots in 1984?

Why do you not condemn state government which are not working at all and whose ministers are master of corrupt practices?

Why do you not praise good workers, good ministers and good government in place of simply condemning and maligning some person or the other?

Why do you not contest an election and become CM of a state or PM of the country to serve the people in your style?

It is painful that under present electoral system ,person like you , like Mr. Anna Hazare, like Kiran Bedi cannot win the election and they are constrained to adopt the path of agitation, strike or movement like non –cooperation launched by Mahatma Gandhi and Jai Prakash Narayan against the misrule of the then ruler.

With due regards to you , I would like to say that in such position it is desirable that you support better leader, you support a figure among cipher, keeping in mind that most of the politicians are corrupt.

Many politicians have now openly admitted that it is not possible to remove corruption from life and corruption is deep rooted in the system. People in general have also accepted the corrupt practices as routine way of business.

However it is very much necessary to try to reduce it if complete stopping is not possible.

I however do not believe that it is not possible to make India free of corruption when it was made possible by our great leaders to make India free from the clutches of British rule.

Right to recall is one step to create fear in minds of corrupt politicians and corrupt officers working in government departments in particular and all evil doers in general.

To make judiciary active, sincere, honest and effective is another step to give quick punishment to perpetrator of injustice. It is necessary to make police and judges accountable to public and force them to catch hold of real culprit within shortest period of time. By action courts and police both have to demonstrate that all criminals are punished in shortest period.

Third way is to inculcate good habits right from the beginning of one’s education and promote good students in all sphere of education life.

Fourth is to stop corruption in recruitment, posting and promotions. Departmental heads and ministers are in general applying their power of discretion to earn illegal money in doing whimsical promotion, transfers and posting of service class people which gives rise to flattery, bribery and ultimately corruption for survival. Such unhealthy practices results in growth of corruption practices. As such corrupt officers sitting at top post should be sent to jail first to send the desired message down the line.

Fifthly all honest persons, effective officers , devoted political workers have to brought in focus and given all powers to deal with corrupt service men and corrupt politicians. Media should give maximum coverage to good work of good officers instead of giving news of accidents, murders, rapes or bollywood actors and actress. When players of cricket can be made Hero of the Nation by media there is no doubt to me that real performers in other walk of life should be given more weightage by media.

Government should not allow politicians spending in political rallys, election campaigns or buying voters by offering gifts in cash or kind. None of government functionaries should be permitted to spend a single pie in extending welcome to ministers or high rank officers. None of businessmen, contractors, service providers or service men and none of government departments or PSUs should be allowed to extend financial support to political contestants. No function should be permitted by district administration which is organized for welcoming a leader or an officer or for inauguration or for any purpose. Government can provide a common platform at its own expenses for popularizing a scheme or for politicians contesting election at panchayat or village level. Not a single pie should be spent on flattery and to make this plan fully successful our government should take lesson from other developed countries.

There is no question of government funding for election. Rather contesters in election should go door to door for campaigning. Every contestant has to show their performance and prove that they can serve people of India if they are given opportunity. Role of money should be completely made zero. Person selected from a group of say 5000 voters should then be made member of district level elected body. Member so elected for District level assemblies should selected educated member for state assemblies and then for Parliament. Such process will give true power to Panchayat level workers and remove corruption from the root. Further this process will save crores of rupees which are spent by the government and politicians on conduct and process of general election.

Last but not the least media should stop news, discussion and debate on caste and community. Any person or group of person making analysis of voters or servicemen or officers or politicians or organizations based on caste and community should be punished. By hook or by crook Indian government or the people of India have to create an atmosphere where every citizen of India voluntarily give due respect to rule of law and there is fear of law in minds of all people. Rule enforcing agencies and monitoring agencies must have full liberty to punish breaker of law without any fear of repercussion from politicians or top ranked officers. Money mafia or naxal elements who are extorting money from people of India must be booked to task and put in jail until they exhibit change in habits or show reformation in their mind.

Merit and only merit should be highlighted in all sphere of life. Honest and sincere workers who have been posted in remote or critical areas or who have been shunted away by gang of corrupt officers and corrupt politicians should be brought back to mainstream and given powerful post by removing and weeding out corrupt officers.

I would like to say here that movement of Anna Hazare is very much commendable but it can get the desired success only by support of politicians under the existing framework set for functioning of various legislative and executive organs of the government. Political parties have to come together and unitedly fight against corruption and if needed dethrone existing government if it does not listen. Mahatma Gandhi and Jai Prakash Narayan got success in their goal only because they had political support as well as public support.

Message for Kapil Sibal, HRD minister

If a child is not getting admitted in school, or he is not getting proper education in school ,then who is responsible for such sorry state of affairs prevailing in most of the state run or stated aided schools?

If poor common men are not getting required medical care and needed medical facilities at government run hospitals , then who is responsible, punishable and accountable for such mismanagement in government run hospitals?

If fake medicines are supplied in hospitals or sold from medicine dealers who is responsible and accountable for it? If doctors do not attend their duty honestly, then who is supposed to take disciplinary action against them punish them? Unwarranted pathological tests are prescribed by unscrupulous doctors to patients in nexus with owners of pathological labs, and then who will hang such inhuman doctors?

Officials and babus of various Municipalities and Municipal corporations are not passing construction map without taking bribe or passing unlawful construction after taking bribe, then who is supposed to take action against such corrupt officials?

Fake and inflated Bills of unscrupulous contractors as well as suppliers are passed in all government offices only after payment of shares of bribe to various officials and ministers. Whose duty is to stop such malpractices prevalent in government offices, public sector undertakings and public sector banks and insurance companies?

Chartered Accountants put their valued signature without making adequate checking of books of records. CAs verify books of accounts as less as possible when they get commission as much as they desire, otherwise they delay the process. Judges do not decide the case as long as they get f their share in illegal money advocates collects from their clients. Who is supposed to trap such corrupt judges?

Officials of pollution control board issue clearance certificate after taking bribe, Income tax officials passes assessment order after taking bribe, custom officials clears shipment after taking bribe, passport official issue passport after taking bribe ,and so on ………. who is responsible for such illegal practices?

Scam in thousands and lacs of crores of rupees are detected in various departments under central government, have any minster or departmental head punished without the intervention of court?

Lacs of crores of rupees are declared as Non Performing Assets in public sector banks, why is government not taking adequate steps to recover the money from such willful defaulters and why the government is not punishing CMD, ED and DGM of such banks who is promoting unhealthy practices cleverly and getting retired without facing any punitive action from any corner?

Why vigilance officers POSTED IN VARIOUS BANKS AND PSUs and officials of Anti Corruption Bureau or official of CBI themselves take bribe and close the case lodged against various corrupt officials?

Why is government silent spectator of all such unhealthy practices prevalent in government offices and why is government continuously silently watching Chirharan of Draupdi for decades together?

Do the government and ministers think themselves great by pointing out their accusing fingers towards member of opposition parties? Why is central government not taking appropriate action against state government which is not performing as per central directives? Why do you hesitate to accept the performance recorded by Nitish and Narendra Modi government?

Before maligning and before character assignation of Narendra Modi your government do not introspect and admit willful and inordinate delay in punishing the guilty of Anti Sikh Riot or Bofors scam or stamp scam or share ghotala or UTI scam and so on……

Is Manmohan trying to hide his fault by pointing out his accusing finger towards Mr. Advani or Mr. Narendra Modi who is appreciated by all learned Indians.?

Why hundreds and thousands of clerks and officials involved in Chara Ghotala of Bihar state were punished but the then chief minister Mr. Lalu Yadav who masterminded the scam was made railway minister. Why not real culprits involved in stamp scam not punished even after lapse of two decades? Why Manmohan Singh and his flatterer minister kept silence for two years on various scams and why did he not take any action against corrupt officials to demonstrate that he is active, efficient and capable?

Last but not the least why various departments entrusted to stop corruption is not functioning honestly and why Lok Pal Bill or judicial reformation has not been put into effect for last four decades though central government has promised to do so many times? Why leaders of Congress Party and other partners of UPA hesitant in supporting movement launched by Anna Hazare against Corruption.

“Chor Ki Dadhi Me Tinka”

Saturday, March 5, 2011

End of UPA Rule Has Begun

Now DMK has withdrawn support from UPA government, the end of UPA rule has begun. It is possible that Manmohan Singh resigns on Monday and the government falls.

It is to be kept in mind that DMK was considered number one enemy of Congress party after the killing of Rajiv Gandhi but for the sake of formation of government at center congress did not hesitate to make DMK, a coalition partner. It is also possible that Mulayam Singh Yadav like politicians provides ventilator to sick UPA for the time being and join the government to replace DMK. It is also possible that DMK is persuaded by leaders of Congress Party or that of DMK to continue the alliance .In politics everything is possible at least for politicians like Mulayam or Lalu or Mayawati or Paswan or Mr. Karunanidhi and his associates. However the end of Congress rule is not far away.
Need of the hour is consolidation and polarization of all non congress parties.

BJP or NDA ruled states are performing better whereas Congress ruled state or UPA ruled India as a whole a facing numerous corruption charges. There is no scam in Non Congress Party ruled states whereas Congress party has tarnished the image of India as a whole in the world. India has become a country of scams in the eye of international community during the rule of Congress led UPA rule. Even formation of JPC to probe 2G scam will also prove futile after the fall of current government.

Anyway, People of India have to ponder over the reality of Indian administration and bitter truth of leaders of UPA and make a better choice in the next election and try to get rid of caste or community based politics propagated by leaders of Congress party.

Voters of India have to understand what secularism is and also they have to assess how much they and India as a whole are paying for so called secularism of congress party. Voters have to come together irrespective of their caste or community and remove all corrupt politicians for good and ever. Voters have to understand the deceptive and divisive role being played by leaders of Congress Party in the name of secularism or communalism. Left and right wing of politicians have to shed their traditional line of action and try to join hands so that Indians can get rid of dirty politics of Congress Party.